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Settings for the best overall experience in using Kuali Financials or Research in the Cloud Connection Process

With the move to the cloud it is simpler to connect to the Financials or Research Application when working off-campus.

 The experience is a similar experience to connecting on campus and is secure for use.

Financials and Research are now Software as a Service applications in the cloud. This means we can get to them directly from the internet without needing to be on the CSU Fort Collins network. In the past, you could only get these on premise applications by going to our Administrative Applications and Resources page. This page is behind the CSU Fort Collins firewall and to access it you will still need to be on the VPN (Pulse Secure) and the links for Kuali are still there for those that only use this page to access the applications.

However, now you can go directly to KFS or KR by browsing directly to the website. (DO NOT USE Pulse Secure or the browser VPN gateway – http://secure.colostate.edu or http://secure.colostate.edu/pueblo)

Go directly to the link below in your browser. Do not use Chrome. We recommend Mozilla Firefox. https://colostate.kuali.co/fin


This will then take you to the below screen to select your campus.

Next you will be prompted to login with your credentials. CSUID or NetID depending on your institution. At this point you will be prompted for Duo Authentication.


 Now you should see the appropriate products dashboard. This will work on mobile devices, as well.

Steps to try to resolve issues within Kuali Financials:

1.    Log out of KFS

2.    Open a new browser

3.    Clear your history/cache/cookies-

a.        To clear history or cache in almost any browser, open the browser and press Ctrl + Shift + Delete simultaneously on the keyboard to open the appropriate window.

b.    It is recommended you clear everything and not just the last hours cache/cookies. Do this by clicking on the Time Range drop down box.

4.    Adjust cookie settings per the support article from Kuali. This article is related to reporting in Kuali, however it is relevant to all aspects of Financials and is a good starting point for your cookie settings.

a.    Enabling Cookies in order to access reports – Kuali Financials (zendesk.com)

5.    Then log back into KFS

6.    Main menu click on your name and click refresh navigation


7.    Do this step if you have Action List issue with BASE:/index.html error on the Action List Page.

a.    From Action List Page you must clear your caching by pressing CTRL+Shift+r.