In either the iOS app store or Android GooglePlay store, search for "TCP MobileClock":

Download the app to your device and open it when it is finished.

NOTE: TCP MobileClock will likely not be the first result. Make sure the app you select matches the above image; other apps like ezClocker or TimeClock Plus may appear above it in the search results.

When the app is first opened, it will ask for a Customer ID:

The Customer ID is 113870.

The app may ask you to enable push notifications. This is up to your preference, but not allowing them will not prevent usage of the app.

The app will now ask for your Badge Number:

Your badge number is your 9-digit CSU ID. You will only need to enter this number once. 

You will be asked to enable location:

Choose Allow While Using App. Some departments may prohibit the app from functioning unless your device is on the worksite, so it must be able to see your location to function properly.

After successfully logging in, you will be able to clock in and out:

You can use the function buttons at the bottom of the screen to view previously clocked hours, last punch, and leave accrual information:

Swiping up on the white arrow opens an additional menu of options where you can create leave requests:

On the requests screen, click the plus icon to create a new request: