If you are having trouble connecting to campus Wi-fi on either your computer or cell phone, here are some simple steps to troubleshoot the issue.

On a Computer:

1. Make sure you are connected to csu-net and not csu-visitor

2. Attempt to reconnect to csu-net three or four times. Certain spots in certain buildings can cause issues with connecting to the Wi-fi that can be resolved by simply trying again.


3. If you have recently changed your NetID password, you will need to log into csu-net Wi-fi again:


        -Right click csu-net in your Wi-fi settings and click Forget:


        -After this, attempt to reconnect to csu-net. You should be prompted to log in; use your NetID and new password to do so.

On an iPhone:


    1.  Make sure you are connected to csu-net and not csu-visitor. iPhones in particular have a tendency to connect to csu-visitor if there is a spot of bad connection for a minute which can cause problems later.

       2.  If you have recently changed your NetID password, you will need to log into csu-net Wi-Fi again:

                -Open the Settings app and tap Wi-Fi:


            - Tap the small "i" next to csu-net:


           - At the top of the screen, tap Forget This Network, then Forget. Afterwards, attempt to reconnect to csu-net again and it should prompt you to log in with your NetID and new password. You will see a certificate screen:


           -Tap Trust. You should successfully be connected to csu-net again.

On an Android:

          - Instructions for reconnecting to csu-net on an Android are roughly the same as on iphone with a different interface. Click here for a brief tutorial on how to do so.

If none of these solutions work, or if you have a hard Ethernet connection to your computer and are having trouble with the internet, submit a new helpdesk ticket and someone from Facilities IT will assist you as soon as possible.