All Facilities Management-issued iPhones and iPads (excluding shared devices like on-call phones) will have the Company Portal or "Comp Portal" app installed:

From this app, you can install pre-approved applications that have been deployed to your device, very similar to Software Center for Facilities Computers. These applications do not require any type of sign in or payment and can be installed at any time.

If you haven't opened the app in a while, it may ask you to sign in. Your NetID credentials should be saved and you can proceed by just tapping Sign In. If you are asked to enter a username and password, enter your NetID username followed by (example: and then tap Next and enter your password.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Your NetID username is NOT your email address. It is a username you created when the account was setup. The same username is used for AiM.

On the home screen of the app, you'll see apps that have recently been added to the catalog. You can tap one of these apps or tap View All Apps to see all the apps available to your device.

To install an app, just tap on the app in the list and then tap Install. Within a few minutes, the app should be installed. You can find it on the home screen at the end of all your current apps.