You can enable keychain on your CSU-issued iPhone so that you can autofill your NetID credentials in apps like AiM Go.

To begin, open the Settings app

Then scroll down and tap Passwords

Tap Password Options

Under Allow Filling From, tap Keychain so that it is checked. (If Keychain is already checked, proceed to the next step):

Next you'll need to add your NetID username/password to keychain. The easiest way to do this is to login to a CSU service and tap Save Password when prompted. On your iPhone, tap the FM Help Desk shortcut:

At the top of the page, tap the green Login button, then tap "Are you a customer? Login here":

Enter your NetID username and password and tap Login:

You should then be asked if you would like to save this password. Tap Save Password to add it to the keychain:

Your NetID credentials are now saved in the iPhone's keychain and you can autofill it on CSU login pages.

To use your saved passwords, tap the Passwords button on the keyboard when logging in to a CSU service:

Tap the entry for and your NetID username/password will be filled in for you: