To create a ticket for Facilities Management IT, you can open the desktop shortcut named "FM Help Desk".

This icon will open the User Portal:


If necessary, you can change the portal language:

Click  and you will be brought to this page:

Click Login here next to Are you a customer? and enter your NetID and password to log in. You will be taken to the main Helpdesk page.

This screen will allow you to consult our most common issues. Search a topic, and if that topic is in our database, you can follow the fix method described in the article.

To create a ticket, click the  option.


This will open the general information screen:

Fill out the requested information. The fields marked are required.

Requester: use your @colostate email address using the following format: [your first name].[your last name] (Example: If you are signed in, this field will populate automatically.

Subject: Please type a short description about your issue. i.e., Locked Account, Bluebeam Update, etc.

Type  Indicate whether your ticket is a question, and incident, a problem, or a request:

  • Question: Request information about our services, computers, applications, network, etc.
  • Incident: Create a ticket to report any unexpected situations. 
  • Problem: Report an event that is not part of normal operations that disrupts operational processes. 
  • Request: Request for an IT service such as printer ink refills, password resets, etc.

Category: Indicate the specific device/service your ticket relates to.

Computer name: If your ticket involves your work computer or laptop, please enter the three letters on the sticker on your device.

Description: Give a more detailed description of your issue if necessary.

If you have additional relevant files or screenshots pertaining to your problem, click to attach them to the ticket.

When the form is completed, click  and one of our technicians will be in contact with you as soon as possible.