Installing GlobalProtect VPN Client

Opening Software Center

GlobalProtect can be found in the Software Center. The Software Center contains approved applications that users can self-service install. To access the Software Center:

  1. Click on Start Menu button.
  2. Type “Software Center”.

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  3. Click on the Software Center result.

Note: Software Center can also be found by clicking on START button and going to the Endpoint Manager folder in your Start Menu.

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Install GlobalProtect

GlobalProtect VPN Client is located in the Software Center, so ensure you have Software Center open before proceeding. If you need assistance finding the Software Center, please see section above on Opening Software Center.

  1. If not already selected, select Applications from the left navigation, and click on GlobalProtect VPN Client.

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  2. Click Install.

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  3. When installation is complete, Status will change to Installed and the Install button will change to Uninstall.

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  4. Proceed to the Using GlobalProtect section.

Uninstalling Pulse VPN Client

Facilities Computer Services will automatically uninstall Pulse Secure from all employee computers on April 25th, 2022. No further action is needed from employees.

Using GlobalProtect VPN Client

Similar to Pulse Secure, GlobalProtect VPN Client runs in your system tray (area by the clock). The icon looks like a grey globe.

  1. Click on GlobalProtect VPN Client in system tray to launch GlobalProtect.

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  2. Unless you are already connected, GlobalProtect will show “Not Connected”. Click on Connect.

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  3. GlobalProtect will open a window for EID Login. Login with your EID credentials.

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  4. DUO authentication is required, similar to Pulse Secure. Choose your preferred DUO authentication method to complete connection.

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  5. Once DUO has authenticated and GlobalProtect is connected, a window will popup noting that the connection has succeeded. You are now connected to the CSU network. This window does not need to stay open and can be closed once it has displayed.


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Note: It is not recommended to uncheck the “Do not show this again” as display of this window lets you know you have successfully connected.

Idle & Active Timeouts

GlobalProtect will automatically disconnect from the CSU network if your computer has been idle for 3 hours.

GlobalProtect will require a re-connection with authentication via EID and DUO after 24 hours of being connected, even if your computer is not idle.

Idle Timeout: 3 hours

Active Timeout: 24 hours

Using GlobalProtect on a Mobile Device

You may need to use the GlobalProtect mobile app to connect to certain CSU services from your mobile device. For Facilities-issued iPhones and iPads, you can download GlobalProtect from the Comp Portal app.

Once the app is installed, open it to begin setup. If prompted to allow notifications, tap Allow.

On the "What's your portal address?" screen, enter gateway.colostate.eduThen tap Connect.

When prompted with "GlobalProtect Would Like to Add VPN Configurations" tap Allow.

Finally, sign in with your NetID to login to GlobalProtect. Once you've signed in, you should see this message which means you've successfully connected with GlobalProtect:

Tap the X in the top right to close this message and control GlobalProtect.

GlobalProtect's interface is simply one on/off button. Just launch the app and tap the shield button in the middle of the screen to connect or disconnect from GlobalProtect.

It’s Not Working, What Do I Do Now?

For all issues installing or using GlobalProtect, please open a ticket with our helpdesk at

Use the following categories to help our team assist you as soon as possible:

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Sub-Category: GlobalProtect VPN