By default, Facilities printers will print in grayscale/black and white. If you have something you need to print in color, and the printer you'd like to use is color capable, you can follow these steps to temporarily change your print settings.

Some apps may let you change your color settings right from the print menu, like Google Chrome:

For some apps, you'll need to open your printing preferences. This varies depending on the app you're printing from. For example, to open the Printer properties in Microsoft Word or another Microsoft Office app:

From the print screen, click Printer Properties underneath the printer name:

The next step is to set your print job to color. This varies depending on the printer manufacturer.

For HP printers:

Open the Color tab and either uncheck the "Print in grayscale" box or change the Print in Grayscale drop down menu to Off:

For SHARP printers:

In the Color Mode drop down menu, select Color:

For Xerox printers:

Change the Color option from Black and White to Color:

NOTE: These settings will only apply to your next print job. You'll need to set this option each time you want to print in color.