If you would like to set a default application for your internet browser, PDF files or another type of file, you can do so easily through Windows.

Setting a Default Browser

In your Windows search bar, type "Default apps" and open the first result:

In the "Search apps" bar, you can search for your preferred web browser:

Note: if you prefer Microsoft Edge, you won't need to do this as it is already the default browser.

Click on the browser of your choice, and in the following menu click the Set default button.

Your default web browser has now been set.

Setting a Default Application for Other Files

In the same Default apps menu, search for the program you want to be the default for your desired file type. The most common example is PDFs in Adobe:

Open the menu for that application, scroll to the desired file type, and click it. Then, click the desired application from the list presented:

Your default application is now set.